Beverley has been involved in children's Sabbath Schools for more than 30 years.  For three years she led the Kindegarten childrens programs at Big Camp - North New Zealand, which catered for approximatly 110 children during the week and 400 on Sabbath.  She was also a District Childrens Sabbath School Co-ordinator in Auckland for 6 years, which involved visiting the 8 churches in her care to identify their needs and provide training, workshops and support for the children's leaders on a quarterly basis.

Beverley was an active leader in Pathfinders (a program similar to Scouts run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church) for 5 years.

She is well known for her children's stories in Church.

She has completed a Diploma of Social Sciences - Child Studies, and worked in the babies' room in a long daycare facility, as well as leading the Beginners Sabbath School at Lismore Seventh-day Adventist Church.
She has two children of her own (including Delwyn), both married, and two grandchildren.

She has a passion for Children's Ministries and believes that the training given from birth will have a vital impact on the child's life and help them make a decision for Christ.

Delwyn has been the children's leader in Edmonton Seveth-day Adventist Church Company for 6 of the past 8 years.  Edmonton is a small group aimed at spreading the gospel to the south side of Cairns, and the Children's Ministries is an important part of this.  Many of the children come without their parents; some of them come regularly, others from time to time.  

Regular contact is made with approximately 50 children in the area, and Delwyn prints out lesson booklets each week to be handed out to the children at church or delivered during the week to those who were missed.

God has blessed Edmonton by supplying many children with learning difficulties including autism and severe ADHD.  Unless they were having a really good day, the children would run wild, be as disruptive as possible, or play outside and refuse to come in for church.  But thanks to the techniques in the books listed on the Resources Page, and the program designed to effectively teach the children (after reading these books), they have been transformed by Gods love.  The children are now happy to stay inside and participate in the Sabbath School program.  They enjoy doing the crafts and taking part in the discussions, and they sit still in church.  And whether they were at church or not, they are always eager to receive their "puzzle book" for the week.

Delwyn's children's stories are well liked by the whole church, children and adults alike.

In 2009 when some of the kids at Edmonton turned 10, Delwyn, with husband Steve started a Pathfinder club.  Once again the normal activities and curriculum had to be modified to suit the kids involved.  Some of these ideas are also presented on this website, including the Bible Verse songs which Delwyn makes to help the kids learn their Bible Memory Gems.