Delwyn's 3 year "all ages" program.
I designed this program because I was teaching children who ranged from 3 to 12 years of age, and the parents of the kids I was teaching were not regular Church goers.  The children had no background Bible knowledge, and few of the parents would take the time to even read a Bible story to their children during the week..

The Program:

My Sabbath school program is set our differently from what you are used to, because I experimented with it, to cope with a child who has severe ADHD; and I found that it worked well for all children.

The children sit in "class" groups around tables with a teacher; at present we have a little-kids table, a girls table and a boys table.  Each table has colouring in pencils, a box of supplies for the teacher and a weekly Bible verse colouring page for each child to be coloured in and then put in their Bible verse book.

An average program is as follows:Note: I do the singing is in the middle of the program, because I found with the singing at the beginning, that many of the boys lost interest before we got to the story.

Downloadable program and craft helps:

Files are labeled according to their year, quarter and week.  For example Y2Q1W3 is for Year 2, Quarter 1, Week 3.
Click here to browse through the weekly plans or use the website menu to download an entire quarter.

The weekly lesson books:

The printable lesson puzzle books are designed so that children of all ages can do the puzzles and see the story pictures without being able to read.   The Sabbath School program and crafts are designed for all ages and work best when children are seated in two or three groups depending on their ages; older children can then have a more in depth discussion than the younger children.  

The lesson puzzle books are split into three levels depending on the child's reading abilities.  A new lesson book is handed out each week and each book contains the Bible story with different puzzles and colouring pictures.

Pink Level - No Reading:  For preschool children.  The child will like having someone read the story to them, but the simple puzzles and colouring pictures can still be enjoyed by the child who doesn't have help.

Yellow Level - Learning to Read
: This level includes harder puzzles for children who know at least most of the capital alphabet, but are not necessarily confident or fluent readers. 

Blue Level - Reading
:  For kids who enjoy reading and like the challenge of harder puzzles.

Orange Level - Teen
: I am hoping to have these available in the future.  The teen level involves more Bible details and harder puzzles, including crosswords, and it aims to apply the lesson in a more in depth way.  Somewhere between the ages of 10 and 13, adolesents start to understand the concept of symbolism, and this is when the teen level will most valuable.

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