How to print double sided on some different types of printers.

General Settings:

  • Select the number of Copies of the booklets to be printed; check before clicking OK as this number will sometimes revert back to 1.
  • Make sure Collate is not ticked.  (You can collate, but if one page miss-prints it can ruin all of them rather than just one or two pages)
  • Page Scaling should be None or Fit to Page - test to see which looks best.

Click on your printer type to see printing instructions or have a look at the Trouble Shooting section.

If you think I have made a mistake, or you find your printer is different please feel free to let me know by putting a message in the Guest Book.

Inkjet Printer Top loading inkjet printer

Inkjet Printer Bottom loading inkjet printer

Laser Printer
Laserjet where paper comes out from the front of the printer

Laser Printer Laser Printer where paper comes from back of printer - Option 1: Using paper tray

Laser Printer where paper comes from the back of the printer - Option 2: Using a multi-sheet manual feeder

Trouble Shooting:
When I print the second side it prints on top of the first printing.The paper needs to be flipped.  When you take the paper from the output tray,keep the left edge to the left, and the right edge to the right and flip the paper end-over-end before putting in the input tray.
When I go to staple the booklet, some of the pages are upside down.When you take the paper from the output tray and put it in the input tray, always keep the left edge of the paper to the left side of the printer.  If you need to flip the paper, flip it end-over-end; you should always have to tilt your head to the left to read the printing on the paper.
When I staple the booklet, the pages are out of order.If you have not been using the Reverse Pages setting, you will need to have it unticked for the first side and ticked for the second.  If you have been using the Reverse Pages setting then leave it unticked for both sides.