Creation ThemeThis program covers the entire creation week.  It is based on Genesis 1 & 2, Psalms 19:1-6; 33: 6-9.  Patriarchs & Prophets p44-51, 11-116; Desire of Ages p281-289; 515-516; Education p128-130; Story of Remdemption p20-23; Testimonies for the Church Vol6,  p351-359; The Bible Story Vol 1. p13-60. 

 There are two points that I emphasize:  There is a song and activity for the children for each day of creation and in the case of Day 3, 5 & 6, there are two or three songs covering the things God made on that day.  The theme finishes with a poem that summarises the creation week.
Christmas lights on a black background make great stars.

These resources are free to download and be used as a ministry for children.  

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