God's Ten Rules Theme: During this program you will be teaching the children about the Ten Commandments and what they mean as applied to the child’s life today.

Each week you will emphasize one aspect as well as briefly covering the remainder of the commandments.  The first week you give the background – how the Israelites had forgotten God’s Laws while in slavery in Egypt and then briefly cover the rest of the Ten Commandments.  The next week you would discuss the first Commandment in detail and briefly mention the rest as you sing the song that goes with the commandment and so forth. 

The week after the fourth commandment I would use it as a major revision of the first four commandments and emphasize that they all have to do with worshipping God. 

The next week you would begin emphasizing of the remaining six commandments and the thirteenth Sabbath would be a revision of them all.

Each week impress upon the children that the Ten Commandments show us what God is like and represent His character.  God gave them to us because He loves us very much and wants to spend eternity with us.

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