Year 2 Quarter 3: John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus, Jesus disciples and his first few miracles.

Craft: Pillow covers: Make or buy pillow covers, or cut material into banners.  Draw or stitch lines to divide that area into 12 squares.

Each week the children use different fabric cutouts, wool, string, puff paint etc. to make a picture about the weeks lesson.

Each week I give each teacher a plastic folder which contains the "program list" for the day and all the supplies that the kids at that table will need including glue and scissors.  

Tip: A quick and professional way to cut shapes from synthetic fabric (most fabrics with a shiny finish) is to use a soldering iron.  Turn the soldering iron up to it's maximum temperature and lay your material on a scrap of ply wood.  You can make templates out of paper, cardboard or by bending light craft wire to the desired shape; trace around the template with the hot soldering iron and the heat will both cut and seal the fabric.

Supplies: Click here to see craft supplies you will need for the quarter

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"No Reading" level, pink lesson booklets for this quarter.
"Learning to Read" level, yellow lesson booklets for this quarter.
"Reading" level, blue lesson booklets for this quarter.
Church program, craft helps and Bible verse colouring pages for this quarter.

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