Year 3 Quarter 4: Week 1 to 10 follows the travels of the first missionaries, Peter, Paul, Barnabas and Silus.  
Weeks 11, 12 & 13 teach about the end of the world, the judgement, second coming and heaven.

Craft: Travel Activity Books.  Each week the children add a game or activity to their book and at the end of the term, the books are perfect for taking on long car trips.

Supplies: Click here to see craft supplies you will need for the quarter

These resources are free to download and be used as a ministry for children.  My only condition is that if you are printing the lesson books to hand out, you must print them double sided and staple them in proper booklet form.

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"No Reading" level, pink lesson booklets for this quarter.
"Learning to Read" level, yellow lesson booklets for this quarter.
"Reading" level, blue lesson booklets for this quarter.
Church program and craft helps and bible verse colouring pages for this quarter.

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