The theme runs after the Bible story each week; see the Program Overview for more informaion.  Depending on the response of the children, the theme is usually changed every quarter.

Each theme program includes:
To help the theme program run smoothly I buy 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15cm) cards and cut them in half to make 2 x 3 inch (5 x 7.5cm) cards.  I punch a hole in one corner and thread the cards onto a 25mm ring; they fit comfortably in the palm of my hand with my finger through the ring so I won't drop them.  

I write one song per card, colour coding as follows:
I number the cards so that if I accidently drop them and the ring comes undone it is easy to put them back in the correct order.
When we have nearly finished singing the song I then flip that card over and glance at the next card to remind me of what will come next.
The cards are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so they are not intrusive to anyone else watching.
TIP: When I first started using cards I was placing two songs per card and not cutting them in half, but discovered that occasionally I would miss a song out.  Having only one song per card has resolved this problem.

QuarterSuggested Theme Programs
Q1 - Creation, sin, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Samuel.Creation
Jesus wants me to be...
Q2 - David, Elijah, Naaman, Joash, Jonah, Daniel.Jesus wants me to be...
Jesus loves me
Angels care for me
Q3 - Baby Jesus, boy Jesus, Jesus and the storm, Jairus' daughter, feeding the 5000, the 10 leppers.Angels care for me
Jesus loves me
Baby Jesus
Boy Jesus
Q4 - Zachaeus, cleansing the temple, Jesus death and resurection, Dorcas, Peter escapes from prison, the second coming and heaven.Angels care for me